Texting Automations

Say hello to a texting platform that works for you. Natural language processing automatically detects what a person is looking for and gets them the answer they need, no matter how they ask.
Let Thryve send automatic responses to common topics.

Spend less time setting up software and more time connecting.

Stop answering the same questions over and over

Give Thryve the answers to frequently asked questions, then let the software detect when people are asking those questions and respond on your behalf. Just like Siri™ and Alexa™.

Thryve can detect incoming questions and automatically send the right response.
Simply set rules for keywords like adding people to a group or notifying a team member.

Let Thryve do the heavy lifting for you

Tell Thryve to add or remove someone from a group, enroll them in a series, or alert team members of a need to respond. All based on pre-set rules.

Build more life-changing relationships

Ready to text like a human, share info, and connect with more people?