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Smart texting that creates interactive conversations

By using smart language processing, Thryve gives your congregants immediate answers and helpful next steps.

Over 20,000 congregants already engage more with Thryve

Start having more digital conversations with your people

Thryve has powerful features to help you create more conversational moments for everyone who walks through your doors and engages virtually.

Prayer Requests

Automated prayer capture

Thryve detects when someone is trying to share a prayer request and automatically captures it. You can receive an email notification letting you know a prayer was submitted.
  • Assign prayer requests to members on your team
  • Mark requests as "Prayed for" to automatically notify the congregant that they have been prayed for
  • Add a custom message to send to the congregant letting them know you are thinking of them
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Customizable broadcast messages

Write custom messages and immediately send them out to your church. Most text messages are read within a few minutes giving your message the best chance of being heard. Use broadcasts for important announcements, event reminders, or to simply ask for prayer requests.
  • Send messages to your entire church or segment by groups
  • Create groupings of recipients on the fly
  • No more annoying group threads, each message gets delivered individually

Powerful automation

It shouldn't take hours for a congregant's question to get answered. That is why Thryve detects when a common question is asked and can immediately answer on your behalf. This means you don't have to continually answer when your service times are or where you are located.
  • Immediately answer common questions without any work
  • Capture congregant information like name and email without a form
  • Filter prayer requests and stories automatically so you don't miss any
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Craft engaging devotionals and series

Build relationships with people over time as they interact with content from you, delivered right to their phone. You can configure when messages go out and see who has subscribed to your devotional.
  • Automate important guest follow up
  • Have a special event coming up? Set up a keyword that people can text to RSVP

Gather life-changing stories

Your church can share stories and tag them with custom tags. They can even share video stories.
  • Tag stories with custom campaigns for your church like "baptism" or "generosity"
  • Capture videos and share them
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Committed to your Success

We know that support matters and that is why we have a dedicated team of people to help you succeed every step of the way. From getting questions answered before your account is created to ensuring you are successful years from now, we view your church as a partner.
  • Access continued training resources
  • Get monthly digests and helpful tips
  • Talk with real people to get help, ideas, and feedback

Never miss a message

Thryve answers what it can on your behalf but forwards the important things on to you. That way you never miss an opportunity to minister or serve someone.
  • Email notifications when a new message is received
  • Quickly provide custom answers to questions Thryve doesn't know how to answer
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Easy ChMS Integration

Quickly connect your ChMS or import a CSV of contacts to begin reaching your people today. Thryve even supports two-way integration with Church Community Builder, Planning Center, and RockRMS with more integrations on the way! If Thryve detects a new person texting you, we will automatically create them for you in your ChMS.
  • Two-way integration
  • Custom CSV file uploads

Still unsure?

People use us for all different reasons but here are a few of the common hesitations we hear before we partner with churches.

"We already have an app. Why do I need to text?"

Apps can be great, but it is also hard to get people to download them and turn on notifications. With texting, everyone already has a messaging app with notifications turned on. Thryve lowers barriers to getting connected.

"My ChMS has a texting feature."

Just sending out text messages is a start but without the proper technology it can come across as spammy and unhelpful. Thryve is designed to create engaging experiences, not just deliver an announcement.

"We have a team that does communication."

That's awesome! Thryve will make their lives easier by giving them a simple tool to reach more people, faster.

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